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Need Help Casting for Movies?


If you are a casting director looking for the largest data base of actors, models, singers, musicians and crew, we can help.


While most smaller talent agencies specialize in just one area there are larger online talent resources that represent a wealth of different talent ranging from babies to senior citizens.


It can be a daunting task to cast hundreds of extras for a movie.

The old fashioned way of calling people on the phone and having them show up for the audition has given way to new way of doing business, online talent resource.



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Casting Tips

Watching movies is one of America’s favorite past times.

Be a Movie Extra

Movie extras are people who are used for background scenes.

Talent Agencies

Casting directors and producers are always in a talent search mode.


Whether you are looking for a 20-year-old African American female with a British accent or an 80-year-old man over 6 feet tall online talent resource sites can pinpoint the people you want instantly and make your job that much easier.


Submit your contact information above and let us help you find the most qualified talent for your casting. If you are casting for movies, casting for projects, or casting for other jobs, we have a database of every type of talent you will need.


Video Acting Lessons

Writers and Directors want to make sure words in a script are always clear and understood. This lesson will show you voice and speech techniques that you can practice to improve your annunciation and voice projection.


These voice warm up's can help your clearly articulate your performance


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